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          Flooring certifications present an impressive view of a floor installers' ability and qualifications. We have selected the flooring links below, to introduce some of the more prominent sites in flooring education and certifications. Most of these organizations offer one specialized trade certification. Of course, there are different levels of expertise in each of the trades. This is great, if you are going to install, only carpeting, for instance. Many of us are combination men and will have to join a group of associations to be consistent in our certifications. The cost of multiple membership is pretty pricey, initially and yearly.

          Retailers can obtain a portfolio of certifications by joining a floor covering association. Naturally, not all associations are created equal. Find the one that suits you best. Now, these associations offer many educational classes and certifications. The classes are usually instructed by their own in-house members. This is a significant advantage over individual trade organizations.

          Here's the hub-bub, Bubba, Flooring Installers and retailers will surely draw more customers from "Certified Installations". Announcing your ability and experience, is visually expressed with a certification. FloorUSA intends to supply certifications for our members. Visit our links below, good hunting, there are many flooring certifications available. Remember, it is membership support, that make things happen!

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